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MIDI Designer 12 and MIDI Designer Lite Cost $999!? - MIDI Designer Q&A

MIDI Designer 12 and MIDI Designer Lite Cost $999!?

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asked Jul 14, 2014 in Defect (Is this broken?) by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

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July 2015: MIDI Designer 12 is back from vacation, but Lite continues to play on the beach.

MIDI Designer 12 and MIDI Designer Lite are on vacation: MIDI Designer Lite is on vacation

However, there is no way to remove them from the App Store without interrupting updates for existing Lite/12 users (some of whom have unlocked to MIDI Designer Pro from within Lite). Originally, we raised the price to the highest allowable in the App Store, which removed both apps for a time. It also kept them available for existing users. After a few weeks, though, they're back. 

While we're expecting no buys for $1000, apps that do far less have sold more than a few copies at that price. 

In general, though, we're recommending that users buy MIDI Designer Pro:

We do apologize for the confusion. We're trying our best to move a complicated situation forward while honoring our commitment to our current users. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

answered Jul 14, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
edited Oct 27, 2015 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)