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Rating: Bronze
asked Mar 28, 2014 in Community Shares by sebber (330 points)
edited Oct 4, 2016 by admin
Fascinating. Any chance we could get a video (of any quality, of course) showing this in action?

Great work! Thanks.
Hi, there wouldn't be much to see: if you slide with your finger horizontally it's like doing a glissando on a keyboard. Vertically it can be anything, in this patch it's set to volume.
Hmmmm... I guess I didn't realize that you were pouring this work into this Ribbon Controller, @sebber, and you asked about this elsewhere (perhaps via support)... in 1.6.1 we have a Control Type (or Subtype, some inconsistency there) called Transpose for a supercontrol. That would allow you to do with this 126 less buttons. SORRY for the late notice on this one. I'm not sure if 1.6.1 wasn't out yet, or if I just didn't realize what you were trying to do.

Anyway, glad to have this layout, but I guess we'll need to have a response layout using transpose, too.

Thanks for your comment. If I'm not mistaken the transpose function doesn't work the same way because for the transposition to take place one needs to send a note on signal. That means: press button, change transposition, press button, change transposition... holding a note on button and then changing transposition does not change the pitch. Or am I doing something wrong here? I see the (octave) transpose buttons more like the feature on keyboards to transpose into another key. You cannot slide up and down with it. I would be curious if I make a mistake here. I used a note on/off button and a knob as transposition super control.
No, you haven't made any mistake. But it does suggest a different type of transpose key that we could do, or an option for transpose that is resend note-on....

Great dialog, thanks!
Try it with multiple fingers, very interesting effect.