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Midi Thru in upcoming 1.6.0? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Midi Thru in upcoming 1.6.0?

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related to an answer for: Can Midi Designer act as midi thru?
asked Dec 27, 2013 in Suggestions (Already Implemented) by orbitman (170 points)
recategorized Jan 29, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Sorry for missing this question... occasionally things fall through the cracks on this Q&A site.. still diagnosing why.


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Hi and thanks for your question. It's now been incorporated in MIDI Designer 1.6 (came out just today), but it's only possible for a keyboard that's plugged in to the MIDI Mobilizer II (unfortunately, but this is due to a technical limitation in CoreMIDI) or other hardware port. Please let us know if this is helpful for you in any case, or not.

answered Jan 2, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Hi there, I've downloaded MD 1.6 Hooked up a keyboard Midi OUT to IN Line6 Mobilizer II and OUT to Sound Module IN. I could change the Banks and able to use Program Change on the MD but no sound. On the mobiliser II the OUT LED does not light when I play any keys. What am I doing wrong or am I missing anything? Thanks.
yeah, we have to do a video on this, but if you look at Connections in Config you should see a "thru" button. Let me know if you can find this, and if it works for you. Thanks!
Hi again. Yes I tried the "thru" button ticked and untick doesn't help at all. However the MIDI IN LED (Line 6 mobilizer II) blinks vigorously. Thinking that must be the keyboards clock MIDI OUT timing but the keyboard (Korg K49) is only a controller that does not have START/STOP functions. Any ideas?