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Using SuperControls - which controls will send their value? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Using SuperControls - which controls will send their value?

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asked Aug 16, 2012 in Advanced by rainer (3,580 points)
On top of that, should any of them NOT send their value, is there any point in configuring the control's action?
I imagine you're asking why they have MIDI Messages at all. The reason is that this way they can RECEIVE and respond to MIDI control. The master vision for MIDI Designer includes supercontrols as the basis for pedalboards, as the basis for the ultimate virtual hybrid. However, until I get some time in September to explain these things well...

Anyway, yeah, you could set them all to Sysex, I guess.
I see our messages crossed each other :-) Ok, so it's for the control to receive updates, that's good. I'll still include the action in the configuration then.

1 Answer

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Supercontrols do not send their own values by default. There is a global option to enable this. 

[Screenshot is 1.3.8, pre-release]

Hopefully in the future, you'll be able to turn this on per MIDI connection (and/or per control), but this is not yet contemplated in 1.3.7.

For now, use with caution. In most situations users do not want their supercontrols to send out.

See the Supercontrols Reference for more on supercontrols.


answered Aug 16, 2012 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
edited Dec 12, 2012 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Ok, that should cover it, thanks!
I can still set the action on the SuperControl though, wouldn't it be better if it was greyed out if it doesn't do anything anyways with that global option set to disabled?
It does do something: it receives. But I take your point that it's confusing. I'll think about this going forward.