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Problem with Bidirectionality and Named Ticks/Button Groups

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asked Dec 13, 2013 in Defect (Fixed) by kraftf (1,780 points)
recategorized Apr 23, 2015 by admin
Hi and thanks for this report. I'll be looking into this today and tomorrow. This has not been spotted nor mentioned before, but it's easy enough to test. After we replicate it successfully, we'll promote it to defects-confirmed and then indicate by when it will be fixed (more or less).

We'll check into how button groups receive, too. Some of this stuff is already fixed in 1.6, which is in beta now.

Thanks for reporting and for your patience. Be back soon.


Dan Rosenstark
Author & CEO
MIDI Designer
dream | create | play
Dan thx for your reply and caring.
At some point I will gather my suggestions for MD and post them.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks kraftf. So I wasn't able to replicate your first bug at all. Sliders and knobs seem to react normally to incoming MIDI data, even with Named Ticks. Can you give me an simplest-case example (SSCCE), please?
So here is a page with 4 controls using CC93


Here is the image

I am using ipad mini connected thru irig midi to PC and thru midiox to a YAMAHA RS7000.
I am operating the knob from YAMAHA and the three knobs work OK. The first on the which is market lums its value from max to min.
Haven't tried Ableton yet. Will try and tell you.
Thanks, I've got the problem replicated here as stated (one MIDI Designer with a normal knob, 0-20 midi min-max, another running your page) with your excellent and concise example.

Let's see what I can do. Might make it into 1.6, depending on how deep this goes.
Just tried ableton same problem there too.
Thx Dan for your swift response.
Sure thing. First thing I need to figure out is why my example from the other day worked with named ticks. But I've got enough to work with, thanks for pointing this out.
kraftf, would you be interested in helping to test? If so, please get in touch via Config -> Actions -> Email Us or any other way you want. Thanks!

P.S. Got a solution already...
I'm marking this as solved, solution dropped in 1.7. Please comment back or get in touch if this isn't the case. Thanks!