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Losing connection when app running in background - MIDI Designer Q&A

Losing connection when app running in background

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asked Dec 9, 2013 in Suggestions (Already Implemented) by shakinthetrees (140 points)
recategorized Sep 28, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Is there maybe a way to make the app less memory intensive?
When for example i use just a octave maker in tonestack, mididesigner will quit out of memory problems. The other 4 apps have never quit on me.

I also notice the reactivity is quite slow when supercontolling a slider to 3 sub sliders. I link these 3 sliders to the volume of 3 loops in loopy, and the delay in response is very noticeable.
Using the expression pedal to control the wah wah in tonestack works nice and snappy.

If you want i could video the issue.
Hi Tom, we're constantly finding new ways to make MIDI Designer more memory efficient, so it improves somewhat with each new release. Are these memory issues found on the jailbroken device? What's the OS version that you're using with the jailbreak?

Regarding a supercontrol -> 3 sliders having low reactivity: it's quite odd. Is it possible you have a MIDI feedback loop? Can you try shutting down the other apps and see if the problem persists?
I'm using ios 7.1.2 in my jailbroken iPod 5.

And yes, i noticed that just running tonestack together with mididesigner greatly slows down the speed. I cannot find any setings in tonestack that improve the situation.

Running mididesigner with only loopy also slows down the speed, but less than with tonestack. Loopy clearly states its midi connections, and only the mididesigner midi input is selected. The reduced speed is noticable is loopy as well as in midi designer.

I'm off to a 2 week holiday tomorrow do any further testing wil have to wait.


But then, sliding the supercontrol slider with my finger results in no lag. This only happens when controlled from my fcb1010
Hi, please get in touch via Config -> Actions -> Email Us and we'll see what we can do there. Thanks!