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Can't find "channel changer" option on iPhone lite version - MIDI Designer Q&A

Can't find "channel changer" option on iPhone lite version

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asked Jun 16, 2013 in User Support, Resolved by yaront (160 points)
recategorized Jun 26, 2013 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Sorry I'm answering quickly, but google channel changers midi designer. If that doesn't work, comment back, please. Thanks!
Tried that. Actually I found out about this option in the site.
I just can't find it anywhere in the UI.
Yeah, it's fine on iPhone. Change the Subtype of the control on the first (display) page of a control's properties. If you cannot find it, I can prep a screen shot and that. Let me know!
Hi. Were you able to find the Channel Changer option?
Nope. Can't find it.
It's not on the control-properties page. There's a "change type" button on the control-actions page, but it just toggles between types of controls.
What version of MIDI Designer are you running? Also, what type of control are you trying to make a channel changer?
Lite, V1.5.2 build 1520.
I've tried with knobs and sliders. Can you post a screen shot of the screen which has this option?

1 Answer

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Double tap your knob. First tab of first screen is this:

Then you need to make it a channel changer.

Now you need to make it the supercontrol of some other controls. 

Drag the "Drag to subcontrol" button to the controls whose channel this Channel Changer will control.


answered Jun 19, 2013 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
selected Jun 19, 2013 by yaront
Thanks. Not sure why I missed it :)
Glad you find it useful!