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Send RPN Octave Shift - MIDI Designer Q&A

Send RPN Octave Shift

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asked May 29, 2013 in Advanced by lewisizer (240 points)
edited May 29, 2013 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Hi and thanks for your question. There is no internal way in MIDI designer to transpose controls yet (1.5.1/2), but it will be coming soon. However, this might not be your question. What is RNP octave shift?
Opps I meant RPN. Registered Parameter number for octave shift is cc#101 MSB:0, cc#100 LSB:2, cc#6 data entry: xx
Okay, understood. We don't do RPN directly, and I don't know the MIDI spec well enough offhand to know if you can do it with NRPN and/or with two CCs. If you need multiple MIDI messages, you can do them in MIDI Designer, too. This will be the first use-case of RPN that anyone's actually talked to us about. Let me know what you discover and we'll see what's missing in MDP, please.

Thanks for the info. This may seem elementary but how do you group multiple messages in one control in MD?
It's not elementary and it's not easy in MIDI Designer yet. However, we are well-indexed by the best search engine on the planet, thankfully:
Thanks a lot for the tip! It works, albeit button intensive.
Thanks again for the MD guidance!
No worries. The multiple-message thing has been on the todo list for some time, but it's a slightly big deal. Eventually it will happen. Best of luck with MIDI Designer. Should you feel so inclined, please review the App in the App Store.