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Request current patch from micron / mod source and dest? (alesis micron) - MIDI Designer Q&A

Request current patch from micron / mod source and dest? (alesis micron)

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asked Mar 23, 2013 in Advanced by max-polyakov (120 points)

1 Answer

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concerning question 2 it should roughly conform to the order given for the sources and destinations in the Micron manual. however the NRPN-chart referred to by landschall ( is not very clear on that. For now what I do is either:

- only assign modulation on the micron if I know what I want to do or

-fool around with the routings until something cool/interesting/funny happens and use that

In the long run a button to reset the routings would be nice, no idea if that's feasible atm.

Sorry, I gueass I'm rambling, can't help you with nr 1 I'm afraid, if I remember correctly it just changes what you change but wo'nt display the other params from the micron.

Okay, over to somebody else cheeky


answered Mar 25, 2013 by acid-o-philous (310 points)
Thank you! To know that it is not possible is a relief =)