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Multiple sliders for one sysex string - MIDI Designer Q&A

Multiple sliders for one sysex string

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asked Mar 15, 2013 in Advanced by rollo (120 points)
edited Mar 25, 2013 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Great, would you mind giving an example of a second sysex too? That way the variable piece would be more obvious. Thanks!
Surely each drawbar should have it's own address? According to the MIDI Implementation, it seems to imply they do..

Address 53 - 5B and each with values 00 - 7F
popup and admin,
Thanks for responding to my post so quickly.

Indeed each drawbar does have it's separate address, but these addresses (52 - 5B) are marked with an '#' in the midi implementation data sheet. The sysex spec states that addreses with # cannot be used as start addresses, and that multiple nibbles/bytes/words must be sendt to a lower address in one go.

My starting point for drawbar control via sysex was made by RafaPolit in these posts:
The excel sheet is downloadable a few posts down.
As can be seen I need to control each drawbar nibble, concatenate several nibbles, and send them as data in one sysex message.

If this is not currently possible, I'd like to see a way to left shift variables (a given number of nibbles)  and  OR them with other variables.

Thanks again!
Hi Rollo,

Bit-wise manipulation isn't possible, and there are only two variables right now. However, it would help me understand what you need exactly if it were broken out as a suggestion request (also check existing, because this has been talked about I think). The current example may or may not be the best way for you to get me to understand what you need.

Thanks again!
Hi Dan,
Given n sliders with values S0,S1,S2,...,Sn, and buttons with values B1, B2,...,Bn, I would like to send the following sysex message (CS = Check sum):
F0 41 10 42 12 40 41 51 00 42 S0 S1 S2 ... Sn B0 B1 ... Bn CS F7

Roland has several instruments where sysex adresses contains an #, and this is the only way to write those adresses (through a lower address).

One powerfull and flexible way to implement this is to instantiate a math interface in mididesigner where it's possible to perform left shifts (<<) and logical OR (||) operations. Each control can have an option to pass it's value to instantiated math interfaces. The math interface passes the sysex string on to MIDI.
The math interface can be made very powerful by including if statements as well.

Hi Rollo, thanks so much for taking the time to explain this. This will happen eventually, but might take several months. Please get in touch via 1357 [at] so I can get you on the beta team. When it comes time to implement this stuff, it would be great to have you to help if you don't mind.


1 Answer

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Hi Guys

I would also like to see this. Many synths have parameters that are only editable by sending the entire patch as one sysex packet.

For example, I've created a layout for the Novation Drumstation, but I've had to leave out many parameters, such as separate out assignment and velocity assignment because they can only be sent to the machine in this way. This is also true of setting up the Modulation Matrix on the Oberheim Matrix 1000.

Rollo's idea of an output buffer which can create composite messages from all of the controls on the layout would be perfect, even without the math functionailty. Though the math functionality would be really sweet.


answered Mar 20, 2013 by leewharton (240 points)
Sorry for making this an answer rather than a comment. I'm new here :)