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MIDI Designer 1.5 is out (2013-03-05)

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asked Mar 1, 2013 in MIDIdesigner.com and this Q&A Site by musiclee (500 points)
edited Mar 5, 2013 by admin
Thanks for that, @musiclee! At some point I'll have to put the news inside the app so people can get the 411.
no problem Dan ,

did my "Lock Pages" make it into this update?   LOL
Hi Lee, Sorry to report that none of the features that came in since you came on board have been added. The one-big-page users are pretty important to me and I've put in significant code for them in 1.4.4 (which you're enjoying now). There won't be any updates particularly aimed at one-big-page users for quite some time. But when you see what comes next after 1.5, you'll forgive this fact ;)

hhmmm... now you have me salivating... not fair    ;-)
You should definitely save that spit for when I get around to creating MIDI lookahead loopers and providing clock sync. Physics is nice, but it's mostly because people know it. Lookahead loopers are much groovier in most circumstances. I should know, because I use them in my rig, but they're built in Java and run on http://midiDR.com/mjdj
Cool.  Kinda like Bomes Midi Translator I use to use to convert midi data from my keyboard to sysex to my module.  

(This allowed me to send those 2 consecutive sysex messages with 1 press)
Yes, and mad respect for Bomes, of course. He was here when I didn't know what MIDI is. Little has changed ;)
I think I'm going to hide this question, as it's news and not a question. Which is cool, but I think tweeting and FBing about it is better. You never know which weird relative might turn out to be looking for MIDI Designer ;)

Anyway, ok to hide this? Thanks.
Yes ok to hide, no problem... (if you add my Lock Page)    :-)
Whatever you think is best...