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Filtering incoming midi messages - MIDI Designer Q&A

Filtering incoming midi messages

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asked Mar 1, 2013 in Advanced by carpenzano (370 points)
edited Mar 1, 2013 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Hi Giovanni and thanks for your question and the kind words.

We don't currently allow any control of thru (through) mapping. However, MIDI Designer should not be passing ANY messages it gets that do not get processed by a control. Are you finding that MD is passing messages that it doesn't process?
Hi, thanks for your answer. In fact the only data MD passes through are those managed by a control that receives and sends messages. Waiting for a thru function, I was wondering whether there is a control that can manage note messages. I suppose that this is not the case, for the moment
Yes, although now that you mention it, a thru control could be a pretty cool way to handle the midi-thru issue. This might take some months to implement, please note.
Great! I can wait :-)