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Copy all controls from one page to another? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Copy all controls from one page to another?

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asked Jul 22, 2012 in Advanced by rainer (3,590 points)
Hi Rainer and thanks for your question and the compliments. I'll be adding this feature back in soon, but for right now it's MIA. I've added it to the list, though, so it should appear in a future version of MIDI Designer.

While we're here, I might mention the difference between what I call a "copy" in MIDI Designer and what you get with "make similar." Copy creates a linked clone which is totally different and not what you'd want in this case.
Hi Rainer, I forgot about another solution. Just updated my answer, check it out when you can. Short: save page, load page ;)
Hello Rainer! I know this question is not fully related to midi designer, but it's related to your specific question: I have an mks-30 with the johannes hausensteiner midi upgrade. I want to enable midi control change reception (from '6.3. MIDI control change enable/disable flag'), but I cannot find any documentation apart from analog .no's facsimile of the intro to the midi upgrade manual. Can you please help me? I've tried every thinkable front panel button combination, yet I haven't found a page from which I can enable the mks-30 to receive/accept parameter changes via midi cc's (#'s 17-24, 33-40, 49-56 and 65-72). It would be truly fantastic if you could help.
Best regards, Brage.
Hi bargeboogie, I've added a new category called "MIDI But Not MIDI Designer." You can either leave your question here or put it as a question in that category (and put a link to the question as a comment here). Thanks!
is there any update about the possibility to copy a bank and duplicate it ? thanks !
Hi and thanks for your comment. As of MIDI Designer 1.5.4, you can merge a layout into the current layout. The option is presented when you chose a layout to load. IF THERE IS ONLY ONE BANK WITH PAGES IN THE LAYOUT YOU'RE LOADING, only that bank gets loaded.

Sorry if this is still a bit inconvenient. We'll work towards loading and saving banks in the future. Thanks!

1 Answer

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Hi Rainer and thanks for your question. This feature, called "Make Similar Page," is not currently available (1.3.6 and 1.3.7). It might be available soon, however (1.3.8), since I just noticed how annoying it is to not have this.

In the meantime, please save your page and load it, by double tapping on the page tab in Design Mode.

When you have completed this, there will be overlaps in the channel-cc combinations. Get around this by renumbering the page (same menu). "Unused" will ensure that you get unique CCs that no other control has.

answered Jul 22, 2012 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
edited Jul 23, 2012 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Wow, that was quick! Thanks for the answer Dan, looking forward to the new version.
Is there a place to share layouts btw? Would be super to re-use all individual efforts!
We're going to be using this Q&A site to share layouts, and that's what I'm working on right now in a freezing cold Starbucks somewhere in Astoria, New York. Check MIDI Designer on Facebook and Twitter for updates on all this stuff. Thanks!
Sharing is now live. It's just a category on this Q&A site, but simple will do for now (I think/hope). Oh and I forgot to say, thanks for the +1 :)
Nice, that feature does the trick! Now I can make the rest of the programmers with ease! Thanks again for the quick and useful response :-)
I'll share the layouts after I'm done, there's probably others that will find them useful.
I'm trying to do the "Save Page" and then "Load Page" in order to create a similar page but when I try to load I get the message "problem restoring, rolling back".  I'm using the latest version of Midi Designer (as of 9/2/13).  Any suggestions?

Tech support is running into travel snags returning from Nevada, but: please send the page (you can access files using iTunes and your USB cable via file sharing) to us and we can both fix the page and fix midi designer to avoid this problem in the future.

The only possibility that avoids this is if you are using MIDI Designer 12. In that case, you might be over your control limit.

Send page to support at, please. Thanks for your patience as we get up and running again