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Call for Layouts: Casio CZ-1000 - MIDI Designer Q&A

Call for Layouts: Casio CZ-1000

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asked Jan 29, 2013 in Community Requests by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
recategorized Mar 8, 2013 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Hi, I too am looking for an editor for my Casio cz101. I have no idea how to program sysex or really the time but I would be happy to contribute if someone with more experience wanted to get involved. The icontrol midi site was taken down before I could try there CZ template but I assumes if they can do it one of us can. Maybe someone who bought the app could see what sysex messages or midi cc were being used and reimplement it into a nice new pretty to lack at interface
I'd love to see this, too. (CZ-101 here)
Yep, I'd like to see this too.
If anybody wants to take a stab at it, please note:
1) We're here to help
2) You can do a simple layout, like ONE SINGLE PARAMETER to get things moving. We all love a complete editor, but something may be way better than nothing.

I've started to give it a crack..  not sure how to post my megre efforts...
Hi and thanks for your question. If you are stuck and want help, get in touch via More -> Config -> Actions -> Email Us. On the other hand, feel free to share via an answer here. You can link to a file anywhere in the World or use this:

Thank you - loving this software.  

To the community: please pick up and modify / add to your hearts content, hopefully we can build this rapidly.

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Here's a try...  trying to attach the file.

answered Jun 4, 2014 by jrakarl (150 points)
edited Jun 4, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Cool. I did the screenshot using home + on-off button on the iPad. At some point this will all be automatic ;)
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I know it´s an old thread, but I also tried recently and came across a major problem: looks like the CZs don´t speak parameter changes! They only understand voice bulk dumps. I checked the CZ documentation and also what Sound Diver is doing: in fact SD always sends a whole voice dump, whenever you change any parameter, which also makes the SD editor quite slow and sometimes a bit unreliable. However in MD we can use only parameter changes, so I am afraid there is no chance for a real sound editor.
answered Jul 11, 2016 by ibo-kai (2,350 points)