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Is there a way to send subcontrols only when super control is activated? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Is there a way to send subcontrols only when super control is activated?

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asked Jan 24, 2013 in Advanced by arsby (350 points)
So I'm back to request this one more time, bumping this thread. I've thought about where it would work best, and think it would be great if "Option as Sub" included a "Send Only with Supercontrol" setting. As I said, I'm working around this, but it would be nice to be able to set multiple sliders and knobs to desired settings, then send with a push.
So it's like "send current value" but it's "only send current value" or something? If you don't mind, please check "send current value"

and let me know if that's the idea except that it's:
1) for buttons too
2) ONLY for when the supercontrol changes

"Send current value" is already selected, and that works as expected. That's actually half the equation, since without that option I don't think my request would work. It's predicated on the idea that a slider is first set to a value, then that value is sent later by a supercontrol.

What I'm hoping for is option 2 in your last comment. An option for subcontrols to be sent ONLY when the supercontrol changes or is tapped.

In other words, the subcontrols can be manipulated but no message sent yet. Then, (in my example) a supercontrol button sends the subcontrols with one tap.

A choice within "Options as Sub" seems to me the place that this option would make the most sense.

Here's a lighting example: I may have several lights each receiving values from a slider subcontrol. I'd like to set each light's slider to a specific value without the lights changing, then change the scene to those values on cue with the push of a supercontrol "Go" button.

I appreciate your kicking this around. I just hope what I'm saying makes sense. If it's something you decide is not worth it or worthy, I've got no problem with that. This app has more than delivered.
As luck would have it, we have TONS of room on the Options as Sub page, and that is a thing we consider strongly when adding options.

What your saying makes perfect sense, and with the lighting example even moreso.

Thinking out loud here: is this separate from Send Current Value, or an add-on to it (e.g., can this work without Send Current Value being on)?

Also: this is only for knobs, sliders, etc., right?
Okay, this is coming in for MIDI Designer 1.6.6 Beta 02 (in about five minutes). #inspired