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Is there a way to activate/deactivate a button when a page is selected/deselected?

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asked Sep 20, 2020 in Basic by dsabou2062 (3,570 points)
Kind of. If you select your page using a button, and have a supercontrol that controls that button, it could also cause another button to send. Make sense?
Yes, it makes sense. I can have a Test Mode button on both pages. Turning it on from the main page can automatically switch to the test page. Turning it off from the test page will automatically switch back to the main page. On either page it will indicate if the test mode is on or off. What it really is, is a test button on a test page to bypass Stream Byter code.
Great, when you have a working answer please post it as an answer to this question. Also, make sure to UPVOTE the other answers. Also, make sure to select an accepted answer. Thank you!

1 Answer

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No.  There is no control such as gained focus or lost focus.
answered Sep 24, 2020 by jkhiser (19,870 points)
selected Sep 30, 2020 by admin
This is 100% correct, of course, but there are ways to achieve something similar, I think, using jump to page or SB. Thanks!