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StreamByter Delays Not Working - MIDI Designer Q&A

StreamByter Delays Not Working

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asked Nov 6, 2018 in Defect (Is this broken?) by jkhiser (10,510 points)
What version of MD are you using? We implemented delays on outgoing StreamByter in 2.97 (latest App Store version).
2.97.0 | Build 181007
We're checking into this now. We do adjust the timestamp on delayed outgoing stuff, but CoreMIDI is then supposed to handle delaying the send. Thanks.
HKHiser yeah that build has the delays working "correctly" but apparently modifying the timestamp isn't producing results that work for you. We're waiting for Audeonic to advise us on this topic, but if need to adjust MD to actually send with delays as opposed to redoing the timestamp, we will do that. Or make it a global option for SB.

Let's see how this plays out. Thanks for your patience as we figure out the world of MIDI!
I have been beating my head against one limitation in RD2000 since May -- it will only accept eight Sysex messages at once, then chokes.  And I need lots of individual Sysex messages to read out parameters, up to 32 per tab.  After finally taking the StreamByter jump, and after posting this, I finally figured out a trivial way to do this with a single control.  I am going to have to write up some of my tips and tricks, just so I can remember what I did in a few months.  So this SB problem is no longer impacting my build.
I'm excited that you found a better way to do this than using delays. However, I still need to understand if the delays are working by offsetting the timestamp, or if we're doing something wrong, or what. Delays could be useful for certain musical contexts for sure.