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LAYOUT: RD 2000 Manager - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverLAYOUT: RD 2000 Manager

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Rating: Silver
asked May 17, 2018 in Community Shares by jkhiser (18,490 points)
edited Oct 20, 2020 by jkhiser
Wow, so glad to have this! Instructions are an image, I'm guessing?
Yes.  Image allows pasting in a picture of instructions.

Currently trying to wrap my head around how to read out the RD-2000 TW setting, and update the iPad settings, without causing an infinite loop.  Believe I have an idea.
Uploaded 1.01 with minor bug fix.  TW readout after RD 2000 preset change is coming soon.
What's the workaround to avoid Midi loops? MIDI Designer Pro is designed to avoid some of them
The loop was not coming from where I thought it was.  When I added the code to automatically install the presets (avoiding making 128 x 13 separate entries), I accidentally left the 16' preset setter with midi receive on, and on the same channel as the 16 RD transmission, so when you moved the drawbar on the RD, it would fight MD in a loop.  But this happened as I had also added the read back code, which is where I thought the problem is.  I try to remember to put all non-receiving controls on channel 3, receive off, to avoid surprises, but missed this one.

So my read back code does not have a loop, will be finished shortly.
Comment deleted.
To respond to the deleted thread: Sadly this QA site has gotten a bit worse on iOS, but works really nicely from Chrome or Safari, so “use a computer” is, ironically, the answer to any issues you’re having with this site. Glad you got it sorted.

Regarding the MIDI loop issue, yeah: keeping stuff organized and reorganizing is one of the realities of a good layout of any size. Glad you are able to work forward. Nice layout, big up!
Your layout should now be available through the Browse function in MDP2. Congrats!
We've queued up posts on FB, Twitter etc. about this post. Check @midiDesigner on social media (or not, we're just excited that to provide a useful tool for ya).

Big up once again!
Roland nibble math has been kicking my behind, but 1.03 with Rotary 1 and 2 editors should be up in 24 hours.

And it appears that the RD2000 can only reliably respond to eight queued Sysex messages in one blast, so have to recode to reliably read the ninth drawbar (1').