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I need assistance on getting the midi from hardware to go back to the editor - MIDI Designer Q&A

I need assistance on getting the midi from hardware to go back to the editor

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asked Jan 4, 2018 in User Support, Open by vcs (150 points)
What does the log show? Thanks!
OK I just restarted the app and my synth and it works, however, no matter what I do, one knob, Noise Level, whenever I turn it on the synth or the app, everything goes haywire. All the controls of other parameters turn, I believe this is a midi feedback problem. Its strange it only happens on that Noise knob, which is CC8. Another thing is that when I only send Midi out from the app (unidirectional), it works fine, however, when I connect the other cable as well (synth back into app), that knob goes crazy. The filter attack also does not work when both cables are in. It's peculiar that it's only those 2 parameters. Do you have any idea what may be the issue? Should I try to replicate it in the log?
The way I do diagnostic work, whether with code in the App or layouts or anything, is to work in a controlled, simple sandbox. Save your layout (and maybe mail it to yourself) and create a simple one to test with. Sounds like you have a MIDI loop somewhere. This can (pretty much) only happen with MIDI Designer if you have a supercontrol tied to a MIDI message that is being triggered from the outside. So you'll need to track that down, but first see if the things goes mad with NO layout in MIOI Designer at all, and then build up from there. My motto is, "if you're working on fixing in the finished product, you're doing it wrong." Hope that helps a bit.... basically it's hard to read a lot when it's got 40 lines in it, which is why I spend the time to get my tests short and simple. Destroying stuff (after backing it up) to do this is a must.

Hope that guides a bit, thanks!

Dan Rosenstark, Author & CEO
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OK I've found it, a Reset to Defaults was tied with the same CC.

There are a couple things I'd still like to do to improve this layout.

1. How do I make a button that reads the current settings of the synthesizer? When I switch presets on the unit itself, it does not update the parameters on the app, it only updates if I turn a knob.

2. I used a Picker to display the 128 presets in my app. How to I create a button that changes the Picker's banks? That way I can have 4 banks of 128 each. I am trying to use a midi foot controller to change the presets of the Picker (which is the Super controller of all the parameters). I tried setting the picker to have 512 ticks, however, the midi foot controller only goes from 0-127, so 0=Preset 1, 1=Preset 4, 2= Preset 8. It's not linear. I'd like at least 4 banks that are reachable by my foot controller.
This is EXACTLY the situation that Pedalboards in MIDI Designer were created for. Google pedalboards midi designer and also trying including the word “manual” in your query, since there is a manual. There are several keys to your situation, but don’t forget about control copies, which allow the same control to exist on multiple pages at once. You can even “copy” entire pages now and then delete the controls that are not the same.

Supercontrols on the pedalboard will, by default, talk only to the sub on the page you’re looking at.

Good luck with your investigation and congrats on your smart work so far!
Regarding getting the synth to dump its settings: for right now that’s impossible with many midi targets, because the dump format isn’t parseable by MIDI Designer. Using a utility like MidiFire, you could possibly parse the dump out into its constituent controls and get it to update your layout.

NOTE: I don’t know this MIDI target personally so it’s possible that it’ll give you a dump in individual control values, but I think that by now you’ve spent enough time with their MIDI Implementation to have checked that already.