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How do I enter sysex code for B0 00 change...have problems with the B0 - MIDI Designer Q&A

How do I enter sysex code for B0 00 change...have problems with the B0

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asked Dec 10, 2017 in Basic by jcwerth (150 points)
Your response was timely.  I checked, and only had send-on-only for one set of controls (that are controlled by a supercontroller).  I had to turn on the send-on-only for every button.  

Now the program changes work.  Which is awesome.  However the first one, which happens to be PC 122 (I run from 122-127) is doing the job but weirdly.  In the log it runs from 7A (122), jumps to 7E (126), 7F, then 7B, 7C, 7A, 7D, 00 and finishes on 7A.  I have compared the parameters on the buttons that don't this (ie sends just 7C message) and I cannot see a difference.  The only exception is that on this button, I cannot default to always goes back to on (using bank/prog change).

I might end up deleting this button and use the "make similar" function for another one and see what happens.

Hey there, there's some weird stuff going on, but here are some random facts: 1) under supercontrol options, there is an option for "buttons are send-on only" (approximately) which will turn all the subcontrol buttons into send-on only. 2) supercontrol knobs turn subcontrol buttons into a button group

See if that helps and where you end up. As a last resort, you could always mail us a page (double tap on page in design mode), but it's better to figure it out for all the typical reasons.

Let's see how you go, thanks!
Did you get this working? Thanks!
Thanks for checking.

I didn’t get the original question solved..but as my last post said, I have MD doing what I want.  I didn’t get much chance to work on it in recent days.  I would like to sort out why the one program change works it way through a range of values and the others don’t...until I sort this out, not real confident to use in a performance...
Send me the page at some point, or (better) a reduced version of the page (you can use Control Copy to copy the relevant controls to another page). Then double click on the page tab in design mode to mail me the page that doesn’t work, with a small description of everything I’m looking for. Mail to support [at] mididesigner [dot] com.

Looking forward to getting you performance ready: before that’s done, we’re not done, right?


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