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Is there any way MD can capture a snapshot sent from my kenton control freak. - MIDI Designer Q&A

Is there any way MD can capture a snapshot sent from my kenton control freak.

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asked May 1, 2017 in and this Q&A Site by norman-bonus (250 points)
It's just 16 faders that control 16 parameters?
Yes but each fader will have its own midi information ( i.e. min level / max level / midi channel / command / note no. / value / etc etc
) so each fader might contain 8,10, 12 pieces of information. It would be brilliant if MD could capture all the 16 fader's worth of data onto one button so at the touch of that button all my outboards would change for that particular project.
For each fader -- and in this case, you don't have 16, but many more, since I mean each channel-CC -- you'd need to have ONE supercontrol and one subcontrol in MIDI Designer. You could get some savings with Channel Changers but really... IN THE WAY you want to do it initially, that's not a use-case that's easy to handle. If the Kenton is bidirectional, the goal would be to amplify the role of MIDI Designer in your rig and have the Kenton merely be a "dumb" controller for MD. In that case, you should be able to use Global Presets and get your Kenton (and your real MIDI target) to respond. On the other hand, if you must keep your current setup with the Kenton as is, another product -- perhaps MidiFlow, though I don't know -- would be the ticket, probably. Thanks!
Read up on pedalboards in MIDI Designer to understand the "Right" way to do this in MD.