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Implementation Question - CC Value Sent based on which of four (radio) buttons is selected - MIDI Designer Q&A

Implementation Question - CC Value Sent based on which of four (radio) buttons is selected

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asked Dec 5, 2016 in Advanced by john-haas (120 points)
Yes. My word of advice -- and this is the same whether we're talking about my app or anything in tech -- is to save your nice layout and then start messing around and exploring using a blank layout with NO intention to get to the final outcome. Once you've sussed out what's possible (and not), moving to implementation is easy. This is kind of a HelloWorld type of thing, if you will.
Yeah, good advice!  I figured it out using transpose.  Used four drum buttons each being supercontrols to the Transpose knob (meaning each drum button had the transpose knob as its subcontrol).  Each button would then send the it's corresponding CC value to the transpose knob.
I appreciate all the help getting this figured out!
Excellent. As you know, we love positive words about the App (on the App Store! On YouTube! etc.) but we also LOVE shared layouts and pages that may help others. If you feel like helping out, that's great, but most importantly: enjoy! If you ever want to share anything -- even a rough vid -- I'd love to see it. The Circuit is getting a LOT of love, and someday I'll explore why (my axe is Maschine, personally)...

Good luck!
I will definitely help with a 5-star review, and will share the layouts when I get them completed.  I'm planning a vid, but am currently between houses, in an apartment for another month.. when I get set up in the new house, I will record a video.  I've only had the Circuit for a couple weeks and am having lots of fun with it.  I've been iOS focused until the Circuit, so it's opening up a whole new world for me ($$). :)
Thank you! I'd love some reviews on 2.5, which should be out by this weekend. Yes, hardware is costly, but there's something so hardware about it ;)