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Call for Layouts: Line6 POD Family of Controllers - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: GoldCall for Layouts: Line6 POD Family of Controllers

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Rating: Gold
asked Jul 22, 2012 in Community Shares by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
edited Oct 3, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)

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I've been using MIDI Designer for a couple of weeks and with this wonderful tool, I finally found a way to control my LINE6 gears from my iPad without having to spend days trying to understand how the tool works.

Here are some layouts I've built for LINE6 POD X3 LIVE:


  • POD X3 LIVE main controls.
    • Linked to MIDI channel 5 and 6 (but you can use any channel you want). Since DUAL mode uses next MIDI channel, remember that MIDI channel 6 cannot be assigned to other devices.
  • POD X3 LIVE – Main + Reverb + Delay libraries and controls


  • POD X3 LIVE – Main + EQ and Wah libraries and controls


  • POD X3 LIVE – Main + Modulation library and controls

  • POD X3 LIVE – Main + Stomp boxes library and controls


Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar Cabinets + Pre-Amplifiers (Guitar, Bass and Voice)

Bass Amplifiers and Cabinets


Now enjoy controlling your LINE 6 POD X3 LIVE with MIDI Designer and your iPad:


answered Jul 22, 2012 by fdesnoyers (2,540 points)
edited Feb 5, 2013 by fdesnoyers
Francois, any chance that you're using "supercontrols send own value?" This was not moving with layouts in older versions.
I am able to use this layout for a big part. Only a few things are not working in my case like selecting the cab models and the amp models. I have found a workaround for the time being, but I would love to get those buttons working.
Don't worry, Francois. I will find a solution. You did great work here. You saved me lots of time.
So I have been working to get the Pod X3 Live Controller layout working with my Pod X3 Pro, while waiting for some answers on questions I posted regarding problems I encountered with the CS6X. So what was happening with this Pod X3 Layout in my case? The following things didn't work and I had to do rework:

Change all the midi channels from 5 to 1.
The radio buttons (have been replaced by a knob with named ticks)
Editing on tone 2 (channel changer has been added)

There was a pattern with the radio buttons. None of them worked.  They might have worked in the past but they don't work now. Either they send F0 F7  or "Command 240, Channel 1, Data1 0 and Data2 247". I hope someone can explain to me what is going on.

And has no one ever tested this on tone 2? Without a channel changer I could not edit on tone 2.
Hi François, is this still here or did it get moved to... here?
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This LAYOUT is only for POD X3-LIVE and has not been updated to MDP2.

POD HD500 and POD X3-LIVE are two completly different components.
answered Jul 30, 2012 by fdesnoyers (2,540 points)
edited Oct 5, 2016 by fdesnoyers
A huge thanks for this, François. These templates are really great. I hope to see them go somewhere from here.
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LAYOUT: Line 6 Pod 2.0 by gtroc71

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Line6
Rating: Gold

With many many thanks to fdesnoyers here is my setup for Pod 2.0. After seeing his designs for Line6 products I had to try Midi Designer.

I thought I would be able to build an interface for my HD-500 but I should have read fdesnoyers post more carefully. Very dissapointed I could only see patch change info transmitting from HD-500 but at least everything can be accessed from the HD-500 itself.

That was not the case with the Pod 2.0. Wish I had Midi Designer back when it was apart of my main rig. Not being able to access presence controls or bright switch among other things without a computer was a killer. I had to use only amp models that didnt include those missing functions to have full control if I was looking for sounds 'on the job'. Severely limited my options as almost all of the modelled amps have these.

Anyhoo here is my quicky setup..I only got Midi Designer yesterday (am quite sure I have some OCD haha) but sifting through Line6 midi implementation charts and endlessy jumping back to fdesnoyers layout (my 'owners manual'..thankyou again sensei!!) I think I have managed to include almost every possible function.

Main tab has preset list, main amp controls and simple FX enable/bypass.

Amp and Cab Selection

The 1st tab is for amp and cab sim selection. Although the buttons do work I find I have to select them multiple times before my Pod responds. Using the sliders is instant response but because Line6 used some weird ordering of FX/amps the slider isnt exactly intuitive

FX Tab

Next is the FX tab, which has the same problem with buttons and sliders.(Probably wrong place to ask but is this a bug or something I have gone about wrong?)

Pedals Tab

And finally my 'pedals' tab which I made due to not being able to fit anymore functions on FX page. Tried to make it into a big wah and volume pedal haha.

Touching the wah fader will turn the wah on so you need to hit on/off button a couple of times to turn it back off again. (is there a better way I could have done this?)

I wish I had this back when I used the Pod all the time. Found functions I never knew it could do..who knew the compressor was always available?? Have certainly never heard Line6 mention it nor has their foot controllers or software allowed it. I used to run a comp pedal into the Pod to use it with other FX!! Would have been nice to know without sifting through midi charts!

Can't thank you enough for such great software and many thanks again to fdesnoyers for the inspiration and layout to learn from. Hope someone else gets some use from this layout.

Downloads: 2913
Download the Layout
Downloads: 2913
Amp and Cab Selection
Amp and Cab Selection
FX Tab
FX Tab
Pedals Tab
Pedals Tab
answered Oct 13, 2012 by gtroc71 (160 points)
edited Oct 1, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
WOW! Very impressive work. I'm happy to see that other LINE6 users are using MIDI Designer to control their gears. On stage, it's the perfect GUI to modify "on the fly" sounds and effects.

You'll see, once you start to play with this tool, you can't stop.
Hi gtroc71,

Just to let you know that I modified page for HD500. I found some flaws in my design that I corrected. Since you mentioned that you're also using HD500 board, I would suggest to load latest page you can find on my post.
Hi Again,
Regarding problems you seem to have with some controls, I'll take a look. Unless Dan is not OK with this (after all, he his THE master...) I don't mid if you post help request here. After all, this is called Q&A, isn't it ?
Thanks man, cant wait to try your updated design.
Feel free to check out the button/fader issue I mentioned.
It may be difficult to diagnose without actually plugging into a Pod 2.0 cause the interface always 'looked' like it had worked properly but the Pod wouldn't respond till I hit a button several times.
My real dream is hd-edit on an ipad..would love to control hd500 from it
Thanks again
Wow, I didn't even know this layout existed. Amazing. Yes, any issues you might be having, let me know. If you need help pinpointing, I'm glad to help. Again, REALLY nice work. Congrats.
Updated version of POD X3 LIVE Layout available (February 3rd 2013). Fixed bugs (PRE and POST buttons now highlighted in correct order). PRE and POST buttons removed from STOMP page since STOMP effect cannot be moved in effect chain on POD X3.
Updated version of POD X3 LIVE Layout available (February 4th 2013)

Guitar - Bass amplifiers and cabinets added.
Pre-Amp added
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Layout for POD HD 500 has been moved to:

answered Nov 9, 2012 by fdesnoyers (2,540 points)
edited Aug 18, 2013 by fdesnoyers
Thanks for this, fdesnoyers, which question/answer does this refer to? Can we edit the question/answer to say this, too?