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Chapter 7.8: iPad and Two-Up Page Design

Two-Up Page Design

By default, new layouts use a split-page design:

iPad Screen Layout

You may choose one page page for the left side, and a different page (or even the same page) for the right side. As noted, you may switch pages with the page tabs (8).

In addition, you may select a different bank for the each side using the bank selectors (9). To see all topics related to page banks, see here.

Users opinions are split of their love for the two-up page design. Half of the MIDI Designer Master Layout creators (like popup, fdesnoyers, planshifter, landschall and EZB) rely on it, because they can mix and match pieces of their layout.

The other half use One Big Page.

One Big Page

Config → Options → One Big Page (toggle)
One Big Page allows you to experience you layout as a set of unified pages spanning the width of your iPad screen. Choose a different Page Bank for the left and right sides, and then turn on One Big Page.

You must display a different bank on the right and left sides. Otherwise, you'll be seeing the same page on the right and left side!

One Big Page Confirmation

Dynamic controls may span the entire width of your layout. To achieve this:

  1. Put the control on the left side
  2. Extend it to the right side by using the sizing handles

If you adjust page background texture and color on either side, that color will affect the page on both sides of the layout.

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