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Advanced Control Relationships with MDP2 and Streambyter - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: BronzeAdvanced Control Relationships with MDP2 and Streambyter

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Rating: Bronze
asked Aug 3, 2022 in Community Shares by jkhiser (18,640 points)
edited Aug 30, 2022 by MIDI Designer Team (jkhiser)
JK: As we've discussed a lot this, this should be solvable 100% inside MD now with this feature in the new Beta for 2.330

Allow MIDI messages to feedback to MD (Sysex message must start with F0 00 01 7E 77)

Let me know what you think?
I will update this layout to work natively with the beta, hopefully tonight.

1 Answer

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Now native with 2.3300 Beta

Wrap around is now native with 2.3300 beta.  This version of the layout is updated to show how this works for beta testers.  This layout will NOT function in the current released version.
Downloads: 72
Adv Control for 2.3300 Beta R 1.0
Downloads: 72
Advanced control for 2.3300 beta
Advanced control for 2.3300 beta
answered Mar 24 by jkhiser (18,640 points)