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Korg EX-8000 Layout - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverKorg EX-8000 Layout

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Rating: Silver
asked Jan 26, 2013 in Community Shares by popup (3,580 points)
edited Mar 6, 2017 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Wow. Amazing. First example of someone making a layout for equipment they don't have. Kudos!
Looks great! Shame I sold my DW-8000!
This definitely works!  Makes the nightmare of programming this beast a snap.

Thanks tons!!


Glad to see it has found a home :)   I keep looking about on Ebay for one of these as I love the chunky dark sounds it makes.  The demos I have heard always remind me of the music to the 80's show; 'Airwolf'
Well, it was gathering dust in a corner of the studio until Midi Designer and your hard work on this setup made this possible, and I'm quite grateful.  

Yah, the EX-8000 is an interesting creature.  I ran through the sounds when I first picked it up, and was less than thrilled by the default patches, but being able to manipulate the parameters with such speed  unveils a whole world — well, ok, a certain range :-) — of great thick basses and some really nice CS80 type pads, a fun delay/tight-delay/chorus effect, and that great analog filter.  

And though I realize it reflects horribly on me, it never would have come to life and into my awareness without this app and your patch, so thank you and thank you again.  If there's any social media "liking" or "voting" or whatever, I'm your social media fanboy drone, you just have to ask.

Cheers and best of luck with all your ventures.
This layout works perfectly thanks. I'm really appreciating the EX now
How do you know what sysex commands are needed?  I'm totally new to this program but like grandinferno I can't seem to get it to work..  i wonder if the sysex stuff is different..  but then again i'm super new to this so i can't be sure i'm even connected correctly for sure..  this layout doesn't seem to have a test button to send sounds..  or at least nothing that is jumping out at me..  i'm hoping its just a noob mistake.. but if i could compare the sysex of the DW and EX.. i could hopefully figure out what tweaks are needed if any to insure the DW works the same..  because right now it's not doing anything and this the only reason I bought this program.  So I'd love to figure out how to make it work
Thanks, a really superficial look at both keyboards indicates that they're the same, and hopefully the MIDI implementation is the same. We're hoping to get you sorted and we've got you moving forward with Ticket 791 @ Support as you know. Once we figure this out, we can post here to get grandinferno sorted as well. Thanks!
I had forgotten about this one. So good, and so popup-style!

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answered Mar 8, 2013 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Sorry, just a quick one... (hopefully)

Should this work with the DW-8000? If so I'm having trouble (and am a total noob so it may be something simple)...

The little red lights are flashing when I move sliders in the template, etc. but the keyboard doesn't seem to be receiving anything. I've tried changing between midi channels 1-16 and turned OMNI on an off.

(Also, not sure if I should be adding a comment or "ask a related question".)

Edit: Geez I think I replied to an answer or something... this is very confusing! :P
I have a DW-8000 also..  did you ever get it to work?   I figure the DW and EX are identical for this to work, but then again rack units are not always identical..  and SysEx in this program might know the difference..  

how do I load this file into the program?   I haven't bought the app since i wasn't sure which one i really need..  one is for $999?!  the pro is $25..  then there is a free one which from what i can tell is identical.. version 12 i guess?  

I just need help understanding how this would work together..

Hi Caleb,

We're tracking your ticket on our support portal, but the answer about which app is at

Thanks, yea i'm just worried this will not work for a DW but will only work with the EX..  seems like it would and if it doesn't, couldn't it be a minor thing to adjust whatever it would take to line things up correctly for the DW hardware?

Although now that i think about it i might just have to do the tape backup / restore..  never tried it before..  in fact i haven't done a tape write / restore since the 4th grade.. lol..  which was actually around the time the DW-8000 was introduced.. heh.  

I'm going to take a chance on this and buy it trusting it will work.  

Is it possible with this program to "Grab" patches from the DW itself?  or can this only edit locally and push patches to the synth?  

I actually own two DW's.. one that's kind dying and the other that's been restored.. but the restored one has pretty bland patches.. so i'm trying to transfer patches (quickly) from the old to the new..   sorry i'm loaded with questions on this heh.. :)
HI grandinferno and part12studios, the EX-8000 seems to be the rack mount version of the DW-8000, right? Do they differ in their MIDI implementation? Can you check the manuals for both devices and see if there's a difference? In theory, there should be no difference at all, and it's just a matter of connectivity, but please take a look at the manuals to see what differences there are, first, and then we'll continue the conversation.
I don't know what GrandInferno's setup is like, but I have figured out my problem was with the interface..  I was using a 30pin to usb adapter with a standard midi usb in/out (the kind with the cables built in) that works fine sending notes and CC information.. but I have concluded they don't send SysEx info.  

I found someone selling an iRig Midi (first gen) unit and brought my trusty CZ-1000 (runs on batteries, lol) to test with CZ Touch..  which also like this program was failing to work with it's respective hardware..  sure enough the iRig device worked.

I brought it home and hooked it up the the old DW and it too works now, so thanks for the support and encouragement.
What a difference 24 hours makes! Congrats on figuring that out. The 30-pin to USB should send sysex as well, but the iRig is a sure bet. Glad you got sorted!
indeed!   no idea why they didn't..   so i guess the lesson is if you want to be sure you get the best midi performance..  the iRig unit is a safe bet albeit the more expensive option..