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Roland GP-8 Guitar effects processor midi designer /StreamByter layout - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverRoland GP-8 Guitar effects processor midi designer /StreamByter layout

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Rating: Silver
asked Sep 24, 2021 in Community Shares by gurbz (2,490 points)
edited Aug 16 by gurbz
Got it working! Thank you so much!!!

I had the midi cables in the right spot but the midi channel was set to 11! I've been using it with a foot pedal to change the presets and totally forgot I had changed the channel to 11 in 1997.

I've had the unit since 1995 and use it regularly but haven't tweaked the parameters much because it's such a hassle. Your layout is a game changer so appreciate not only you made it but helped me get it working. How can a get you some dough for your time?

If I learn how to program in MD, would I be able to add in a button that changes it to specific favorite presets, like so have 4 buttons that have specific preset numbers? Is it possible to edit your layout?

Excited to use this while playing with my band and get real time and EASY adjustments!
O yes yes yes. You could use the pedalboard function of MDP. The possibilities are endless!

Like every good song needs a good story every good stage setup needs a vision or a system. Once you know how you want to organize your patches a custom tailored setup won’t be a problem.

My advise is to rip this layout apart ( make a duplicate and go wild with it)
The best way to learn MDP is to create a layout yourself and read the manual online for it. Maybe start with the pedalboard section and work your way back to it.

If you have a certain question you can always ask it. Keep in mind that MDP is a DIY application so you have to do some work yourself but this community is happy to help.

Glad you got it working! It’s just starting now, the GP-8 is a great unit. I think the band status quo used it extensively live. I also found out today that it is best to fire up the unit after you loaded the layout. Small detail.
Tip: edit the preset name by swiping vertical over the separate letters
Hey gurbz, a question regarding how you figured out the GET INFO button. How did you know what the Sysex code and formatting should be to get the GP8 to send its parameter values to MD and get the layout to match the GP8?

I'm wondering because I'm using a layout someone created for the VG-99 back 2014. (

The problem is, it doesn't sync with the parameters on the VG-99. The layout creator posted about not having that possibility and tried to find solutions that weren't available at the time:

The creator never updated the layout so guessing he lost steam trying to figure this out, but since you figured out how to do it with the GP8, maybe I can keep his creation going. I tried messing around with it based how you coded the GET INFO button I have pretty much zero knowledge in how to do coding. If there's a simple workaround, that would be great!
When creating layouts I discovered, with help from examples and midi friends, that you can can not only change the parameters but also get info about the status. You can read the sysex codes in de MDP log: the 11 asks the status, the 12 changes the actual status. I am sure there are lots of people here that can explain this part better.

There is also the issue of monitoring/listening to the device, asking it to send its status etc. Don’t know how I stumbled on that one but if you actively start looking for that command somehow it will make it self clear.

About the VG-99: I do not own one but I have a midi friend (v-guitars forum sixeight) who will have no problem answering that question. Probably you know his name if you are on that forum.

There might be more editors for the VG-99. Use them and monitor the midi sysex commands that flow between editor and device. There is some listening software for now that. The MDP midi log is an example of listening / monitoring midi data. Hope this helps a bit!