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Should MIDI Thru Should Go Through StreamByter Output Rules? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Should MIDI Thru Should Go Through StreamByter Output Rules?

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asked Sep 21 in Suggestions by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
recategorized Sep 25 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
I think that might provide some unanticipated consequences.  Don’t know what else might be happening on the midi network.  I think it is more predictable if you want the through traffic processed to use the stand alone SB.

And why just output, not input?

Maybe if you could make it switchable, enable SB processing thru traffic with either input or output SB rules, but that seems to be getting complicated.

Although, I am not sure I have ever relied on midi traffic flowing through MDP2, so maybe not the best to answer.
You raise great points. Thanks. I'm not that hyped on this suggestion TBH. I think you've got enough workarounds if you need 'em.