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Cannot Use Transparent PNGs in iOS 14 - MIDI Designer Q&A

Cannot Use Transparent PNGs in iOS 14

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asked Sep 21 in User Support, Resolved by 5din (510 points)
recategorized Sep 29 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Thanks Apple! #sarcasm

Okay we'll have a look and swing back. Thanks for reporting.
Thanks for looking into it, Dan.

I played with it more over the weekend, and it seems related to the image dimensions.  PNGs above a certain size kept their transparency (seems to be either width or height)–but once I cropped below that, iOS automagically flattened the transparent pixels to white.  Of course, the kind of things I wanted to use in MD2 were below that magical size.

In any case, Files integration would be great—I’d love to just browse to / drop in images (or layouts, or pages) instead of putting them in my (magically destructive) camera roll.  It would also be a handy way to manipulate layouts without email or Dropbox.