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Add new MDP feature to deactivate response from subcontrol - MIDI Designer Q&A

Add new MDP feature to deactivate response from subcontrol

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asked Aug 1, 2021 in Suggestions (Implemented) by dsabou2062 (2,940 points)
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I agree with Don that the sense of the button should be reversed - when a disable control is selected - on = enabled.  To me, this matches the sense of show / hide - when a show / hide control is selected - on = show.  In many instances, you will need an extra INVERT button, as Don's example shows.
From an engineering perspective, this early in the game while the feature is still in beta, this is trivial to do in either way. However, I can't call it a disable button and have it turn on and enable. So the semantics need to make some better sense. Thoughts?
I guess we could do something like button off disables this control. Though that sounds ridiculous, there is some precedence for it. Which is button off sets this to default.
Since the idea is a button will enable/disable or disable/enable, rename "Disable Button" to "Enable/Disable Button". Then change the sense so enable = on as suggested by jkhiser above.

1 Answer

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Implementation of "Button off Sets to Default" and "Disable Button" features in beta

Here is the image and layout for my most recent comment.
Downloads: 87
Propoed Layoutl to switch MIDI Stream On and Off - Design described on Page 1.
Downloads: 341
Proposal to switch MIDI Stream On and Off
Proposal to switch MIDI Stream On and Off
answered Mar 24 by dsabou2062 (2,940 points)