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'Mickie' MCU Layout - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: Bronze'Mickie' MCU Layout

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Rating: Bronze
asked May 22, 2021 in Community Shares by the-elf (620 points)
edited May 31, 2021 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
This looks tremendous. I've put this is the (renamed) category "Promo & Hosted Elsewhere" which should fit this quite well. Rock on!
Thanks. Feel free to lift my Layouts and put them where others can get at them. I've never figured out how to do it through this forum.
Might do, thanks for that!
Dan - grabbed and uploaded
the-elf - now this will be visible and downloadable from the MDP2 browse mode
Thanks JK, tremendous work, much appreciated.
so this does Protools too?
It works with anything that recognises and responds to MCU standards. I don't use Pro Tools, but if it falls into that category I see no reason it shouldn't work.
Got it thanks!!!