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HELIX Wireless MIDI Controller (Helix Floor/LT/Rack) v1.1 - MIDI Designer Q&A

HELIX Wireless MIDI Controller (Helix Floor/LT/Rack) v1.1

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asked Jan 16 in Promo & Hosted Elsewhere by ed_saxman (710 points)
edited Jan 17 by ed_saxman

1 Answer

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Bought it, love it!

MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Line6
Hi Ed,

I've developed some MidiDesgner layouts of my own to combine Helix, Korg Krome and Behringer XR18 midi control into one screen. When I saw your Helix controller layout, I realised I had a lot to learn. It's a great product and obviously a lot of work went into it. Wouldn't blame you for not giving away trade secrets but how do you manage to have the preset buttons work so that selecting one turns off the highlight on the previously selected one? Looked at the control properties but can't see how you do it. Looking forward to future developements, thanks again :-)
answered Mar 15 by strumboli (140 points)