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Panel Member Controls for Hide in Play Mode Not Hidden - MIDI Designer Q&A

Panel Member Controls for Hide in Play Mode Not Hidden

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asked Nov 30, 2020 in Defect (Confirmed, Not Fixed Yet) by adamixoye (500 points)
edited Jan 1, 2021 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Thanks for the report. Surprised you didn’t report it earlier for the beta ;)
I actually think I did at some point via the support email, but NBD.  The crashing just became a more pressing issue.
Okay we're able to repro now. The panels are hiding but their "guts" are not, right?
Not entirely sure what you mean, but possibly.  I have a series of panels in the same spot, each panel is supposed to have buttons attached.  Each panel has a show/hide super control, and then a dial basically selects those supers to determine which panel (with associated buttons) is shown.  When I boot up, I see all (or just some, I'm not 100% sure) of the hidden stuff overlapping.  When I enter and then exit Design mode it works as intended.
OK, so they all have show hide buttons attached?
Looking at it more closely I may have misstated this.

Each panel has a show/hide button super control.  The super is not a part of the panel.  The show/hide buttons are controlled by a knob and supposed to be hidden themselves, but they are shown on startup until I enter then exit Design mode.
In retrospect, the panels themselves are not the ones that are having a problem.  I couldn't tell because the panels and their respective show/hide buttons are all on top of each other.  It's the intermediate show/hide buttons (supers to the panels, subs to the knob) that are showing up when they shouldn't.
Any follow-up on this?  See my previous comments, I think this is more accurately "hidden buttons not hidden" (not panels).  Should exist in the last layout I sent you.
Let me get a simplest-possible example on one page, please, without any additional stuff. Then I can repro the problem and then fix it. Thanks.
I extracted the single page where I'm having the issue and emailed it to you.  Issue only presents on first load of MD, the kludge is that when you enter and then exit Design Mode it starts working (the buttons are hidden properly).
cool I see the layout in ticket 3147, will check soon, thanks.
Hey there, digging through your layout right now. It's complicated. Here's what I need to figure out if there's a bug:
1. delete ALL controls that aren't relevant to showing the problem. That's 99% of them.
2. make all the panels NOT on top of each other so we can understand what's happening
3. delete even more controls that don't show the problem
4. save it as a PAGE by double tapping on the page tab in design mode and mailing the PAGE only.
5. You could just make a page showing the problem too, if that's easier.

the layout is very complicated, even with just one page. after I've moved all the panels around, the point at which the layout loads is the SAME as the point at which it is after entering/exiting design mode, I think.

Ok I emailed another attempt. I think it's minimized as much as possible. Single page, only the linked controls that show an issue.
the good news is that it works perfectly in a new layout. The bad news is also that it works perfectly in a new layout, since without being able to repro, it's hard to fix.

Try just that page in a NEW layout and see if you can repro?
That's what I was already doing as far as I can tell.

Here's one possible issue I think:  if you have a fresh layout, then go into design mode, then add the page, you're already in design mode so it works when you exit design mode.

Do that, then restart MD and things will not be right until you enter and exit design mode.  At least for me.

This is only a minor inconvenience because of the "enter/exit" design mode solution, but it's still a bug as far as I can tell.
but in your layout you have to enter and exit design mode EVERY TIME the app starts, right? That would be a bug that I'd love to repro.
Yes.  Upon every new start, I have to enter/exit design mode at least once to make things go away.

I could try to do a video just to make sure we're on the same page with what the issue is...
so if you do Config -> New and load your page into a new layout. Then save that layout. Then do Config -> New again. Now crash MD. Then load your new, 1-page layout. Still has a difference after design mode entry/exit?
I'm not 100% following, but I made this.  Under 3 minutes long:  
oh! okay I see it, thanks, sorry for the slow uptake on my part.
Okay I forgot about this bug. Basically hide-in-play-mode isn't applying to controls ON panels until design mode entry exit.

So you have a workaround, of course, which is just to set the panel controls to "hide in play mode" which is far less convenient. I'll see if I can fix, thanks.
Oh, okay...well, that's weird, I feel a little silly for not thinking of that.

Yes, those five controls were on that panel and the panel was set to "hide in play mode" and this was happening.  When I set all of the individual controls on that panel to "hide in play mode" the behavior is the way I want it to be (they are hidden from startup).  So it's a better workaround than going into Design mode, though it's still a bug...
We've got a fix in place for this already, but it won't be coming to the Beta until 2.175 is ready. Hope you can sit tight, THANKS for reporting, it's a great find, actually. And happy new year!