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LAYOUT: Yamaha reface CS editor update - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: GoldLAYOUT: Yamaha reface CS editor update

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Rating: Gold
asked Mar 27, 2020 in Community Shares by ibo-kai (2,600 points)
Sorry are you saying you're using SB to make this layout bidirectional!? OMG!!!
Actually it was rather easy with this one. Used sysex for the system settings and more simpel CC for the sound settings. Have more in the pipeline, which are more tricky and got stuck a bit during the past months. DX21 and the mighty SY/TG77 to come soon.
Nice! I've been hoping to do bi-directional layouts for a bunch of Novation synths, but the controllers using NRPNs need the StreamByter Delay flags for the patch dumps, (which aren't yet available in the MIDI Designer SB module) so that the multiple CC98/99 messages don't cancel each other out. I've made these layouts in MIDI Designer but have to run the StreamByter rules via the excellent MIDIFire app. Will be nice when we get the native option in MD though. Fingers crossed.
That's an awesome hint, thanks! Tried the same with my layout for DSI Prophet 12, when I found that the synth sends a package of NRPNs every time you save a sound. I tried delay in SB with no luck. The script was approved ok, but it didn't work/didn't delay. I made tests with very long delay to actually see it, but nothing. Will try MIDIfire. What do you use to route MIDI between them?
The apps see each other just fine so MIDI is directly routed between them, unless I’m misunderstanding your question.

I actually wrote the StreamByter rules for my Peak long-hand 2 yrs back and it ended up about 900 lines long including all the Matrix controls. However I spent this week learning the newer DEFINE/ALIAS/ SUBROUTINE syntax in MIDIFire and managed to cut that down with Loops by about 80%. :) I found a delay of around 20ms is the lowest I could go comfortably. With a ton of rules for the peak this means the layout controls take around 5-6 seconds to update, but that’s fine by me.
Eventually we'll incorporate the new SB. If Apple would stop breaking everything... ;)

Thanks! I assumed some MIDI routing app would be required between MD and MIDIfire. I´ll try that.
Yes, I guess iOS updates are a real pain for developers.