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Layout: Jupiter Xm Manager - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: PlatinumLayout: Jupiter Xm Manager

+3 votes
Rating: Platinum
asked Mar 15, 2020 in Community Shares by jkhiser (18,490 points)
edited May 6, 2022 by jkhiser
Very good job, Thanks
Jury results just came back and this layout has been awarded Platinum which is to say it blew our minds. Thank you for making this, sharing it, updating it and talking about it. Also, as an approved layout it'll show up in Browse on your iPad. Also, it's been highlighted to the first page of this QA site.

Big up, JKH, so much great stuff coming from you, it's a ray of light in these strange times. THANKS!
OMFG.   What an editor!!  I have the keys to the kingdom.  The XM is an amazing synth with an opaque and convoluted interface with most external control sysex.  This lays bare so much.  A thousand thanks.  This editor is worth several x the price of Midi Designer all by itself.  Fantastic work.
Thank you for this amazing layout JKH!  

Especially, for a new user of the Xm - this would have to be an essential item as Roland does not provide any easy way to delve into their complex scene management.

I love the way you have opened up a panel to view the banks and sounds.

*** I have an Access Virus TI2 - would you be able to share some insights as to how one might be able to create a layout to display the programs on the Virus TI2 and be able to select a patch?

The masters class layout has an example of building a program change picker:

The list of patches is static - it does not "read" the current values in the board, you need to start with a spreadsheet of patch names and msb/lsb/pc values.