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Moog Voyager / Omnisphere 2.5 [1.1 update] - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: GoldMoog Voyager / Omnisphere 2.5 [1.1 update]

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Rating: Gold
asked Feb 2, 2019 in Community Shares by noiseboyuk (790 points)
edited Feb 5, 2019 by noiseboyuk
Dude! those waveform piccies look damn nice! I love this layout. It looks like a dedicated app.
Can I "borrow" those waveform pics? lol oh and Im installing Omni this weekend, I told the wife I needed the money for a "lawnmower part". Now I just have to keep her away from this months bank statement.
Yes indeed, I think the MDP folks will find a proper home for them at some point, but in the meantime here's a zip .  There's 11 waveforms, in white, black and blue.
Appending a layout MIGHT bring in its images, so that might be a way to go. Pages don't carry images, yet.
Hey noiseboyuk! Thankyou!! for the zip. Sorry buddy Ive been away with work, very much appreciated!
Holy crap dude I am LOVING omnisphere! Youre right, this thing is a rabbit hole! I wanna get the KeyScape library, that thing sounds amazing.
I just bought a nice second hand DSI Mopho so Im back in design mode, I think Ive spent more time this year building layouts than actually playing...damn you Dan! haha

I hear that, dood: building stuff is compelling in a different way. As long as you're doing interesting stuff, though, it's all in service of art.

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Awesome :) Thanks !! Cannnot wait to try this out !!!
answered Mar 15, 2019 by xmortenx (240 points)