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LAYOUT: Emotional Violin by Harmonic Subtones - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverLAYOUT: Emotional Violin by Harmonic Subtones

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Rating: Silver
asked Jan 15, 2019 in Community Shares by mlafontaineca (3,290 points)
Thanks for another great layout Michel!  This looks like one of the best violin VSTs out there. Sorry but I don’t understand exactly what “works with a multi(include)” means, would you mind elaborating for me?
Hi Mitch,
Thanks! May be it’s my bad English, feel free to correct my text. In Kontakt a multi (the zip file uploaded) is 2 instruments or more. My layout works with 2 instr ( 1- Emotional Violin MD ch #1, 2- Violin Percussives ch #2). You can use only the Emotional Violin if you want. The Violin Percussive has 72 effects, you can choose 4 of them (FX A,B,C,D)
Thanks for clarifying Michel. I understand now. I don't use Kontakt so I wasn't aware it worked this way.  Cheers,
Awesome awesome awesome big ups Michel! First layout of 2019, right? Happy New Year!
Thanks Dan! You’re right, it’s my first of 2019 and my thirty sixth in career . Happy New Year to you and your family.