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LAYOUT: Empress EchoSystem - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverLAYOUT: Empress EchoSystem

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Rating: Silver
asked Dec 15, 2018 in Community Shares by therealpigpen (390 points)
edited Dec 16, 2018 by therealpigpen
Thanks for the updates on these layouts, this will be way more easy to access for people!  I noticed there is no bank 1.  So to select bank 1 would you just deselect the active bank?
All the numbered square buttons represent one of the 35 recallable
Presets, identified by the associated MIDI PC.  On the EchoSystem, PC 1 activates the current knob setting...  I found it more useful for this layout to just go with the saveable presets.   Would you find a MIDI recall for the current knob setting to be useful?
Awesome... and pretty, too! Nice work, happy new year!