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Layout: RD-2000 Piano Editor - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverLayout: RD-2000 Piano Editor

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Rating: Silver
asked Oct 27, 2018 in Community Shares by jkhiser (18,490 points)
edited Mar 6 by jkhiser
Excellent work!  This looks very thorough.  How does the bulk dump function work? Do the MDP2 knobs change when you send dumps?
The MDP2 knobs do update when the appropriate “Load” button is pressed.

The two Piano Designer bulk buttons are requesting the same data as the load buttons, but in one sysex message, while the knobs need individual sysex messages to pull out the correct value.  I know I could pull apart the Sysex message with StreamByter, but I have my workflow working with the individual messages.

The Individual Voicing templates are large Sysex messages:
    .  Level and Character are 88 bytes,
    - Tuning is 88 x 4 bytes, with Roland nibble encoding (i.e. data is in nibble 2, 4, 6, 8 of the 4 bytes), which makes decoding interesting.  This is also larger than the maximum sysex the RD will respond to, so it has to be divided into two message.

I dumped a number of the RD-2000 Individual Voicing profiles to ensure I understood what was going on.  The dump buttons are not necessary for the user, but I kept them in case someone wanted to dig into additional profiles I have not plotted yet.

Once I had a number of profiles captured, all the interesting work happened in a Numbers spreadsheet, plotting the existing profiles, generating and plotting the new profiles.  Then just brute force copying the resulting sysex messages into the MDP2 controls.

I need to add one button to the dump page, which also dumps the bank/program number, effectively labeling the bulk dump.  (It is there, just on a hidden page.)
As soon as I hit send, I remembered another reason for the bulk dump buttons -- if someone has individually edited a profile in the RD, they can extract it with the bulk dump and paste it into a new MDP2 control to make it generally usable.  I guess in my update I need a few dummy locations for this purpose.
Congrats, this is now available via the Browse function in MD. Thanks for sharing!