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How can I do MIDI over lightning cable? - MIDI Designer Q&A

How can I do MIDI over lightning cable?

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asked Aug 28, 2018 in Basic by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Actually, now that I've used both a lot: yes, technically speaking, Apple has provided a small subset of the functionality in musicIO. But even just for MIDI connections, musicIO is far easier to use than the Apple stuff in a rig. At some point I'll write up why it's better. And for audio, it's miles ahead of Apple's implementation, and far lower-latency.

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Things have changed since iOS 11.

answered Mar 16, 2019 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
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if you don't need Wi-Fi, use a Lightning Cable and musicIO MIDI-only version. This is also built in to newer iOS/OS X versions. You enable the iPad as an audio source in Audio/MIDI Settings and the MIDI ports appear.

musicIO MIDI

answered Aug 28, 2018 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)