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LAYOUT: VOICELIVE 3 HUD Controller (by Ed_Saxman) - MIDI Designer Q&A

LAYOUT: VOICELIVE 3 HUD Controller (by Ed_Saxman)

+2 votes
asked Apr 2, 2017 in Community Shares by ed_saxman (710 points)
edited Apr 3, 2017 by ed_saxman
Thanks Ed, we're SO EXCITED to have this layout and looking forward to seeing how other people use it (and hopefully, modify it, extend it, and bring it to new places). Thanks for creating and generously sharing this.
Hi Ed, would you know if it's compatible with VL2? I'm about 20% into a layout for my VL2.
Looks really cool.
Thank you, guys, really appreciated!
I think the VL2 have 3 banks or something like that, and I don't know If the CC map is the same, but I think the template could be easily adapted to the VL2 with some editing. Or PM me if you wish collaborate with me to make a VL2 HUD.
Byron I moved your answer to be a comment... sorry this is confusing on the Q&A site.
I would like to see a downloads counter on every layout's thread.
Also, can TC-Helicon be added to the MIDI target manufacturers?
Hi Ed, 1) added TC-Helicon 2) there is no download counter at this point. That's on our future list. I probably have analytics to let you know how many downloads there have been of this layout up until now, if that helps.


1 Answer

0 votes
How do I move this to my IPad or IPhone 5s ?
answered Dec 13, 2017 by hurricane (170 points)