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Rating: SilverLINE6 DT50 LAYOUT MDP2

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Rating: Silver
asked Jul 13, 2016 in Community Shares by fdesnoyers (2,540 points)
edited Jan 30, 2020 by fdesnoyers
Awesome stuff. Do you mind if i edit it to move the layout (and pic) to the Extra Fields (below the question)? Thank you for all you do!
Not at all! Let me know when you're done, I'll do the same with other layouts.
OK, I see what has to be done :-)
Admin has special powers to convert existing posts! Just let me know which ones! It takes a bit of time and TLC but it's pretty easy.

1 Answer

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MIDI Target Manufacturer(s): Line6
Hi there,

Looks awesome!

Guessing it will work with the dt25? Looks like they have the same midi implementation, just different valves?
answered Oct 8, 2016 by vortura (140 points)
For DT-25, some "hidden" parameters cannot be controlled

• 12AX7 Boost (on DT50 amplifiers only)
• Phase Inverter B+ Voltage (on DT50 amplifiers only)
• Feedback Capacitor type (on DT50 amplifiers only)

You can refer to this manual (page 2-7):

Simply remove those controls from the layout or, if you want to keep them in case one day you put your hands on a DT50, just select "hide in performance" and controls will be visible only in design mode.

Hope it helps