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Layout: Ensoniq SQ80 / ESQ1 - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: GoldLayout: Ensoniq SQ80 / ESQ1

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Rating: Gold
asked Jan 4, 2016 in Community Shares by andyv (340 points)
edited Sep 30, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
I don't have an Ensoniq machine, but your layout looks damn cool.
I am sure you made a lot of people happy.
Thanks ezb!  I have a DX7 and have been digging your layout for it.  Your compliments mean alot!
So it occurs to me this morning that this statement I made about the esq-1 is WRONG!  

"However, if I'm not mistaken, the main difference between the two is the additional oscillator waveforms available in the SQ80."

There is one small but very important difference....
And that is the device ID in the sys ex header which identifies the synth as eiher an sq80 or an esq1.   Soooooo.  Looks like I need to make a dedicated version of this layout for the Esq1 this weekend.....  Stay tuned!
False alarm.  After checking the Sysex documentation for both synths the ID is the SAME for BOTH the ESQ1 and the SQ80  so there shouldn't be any
problem using this layout to control the ESQ1!!!!!
Oh wow! Thanks for this, very exciting stuff! Please let me know if you'd like me to add you to the beta team for MD Version Next. Thanks and happy new year and congrats on this layout!
Cool, Thanks Dan! Yes, I like to help out whatever way I can. I'm still pretty green but I've been dissecting other layouts to learn a few more tricks.  Lots of fun.  Best wishes for you in 2016!
Cool, just added you. Also, this layout has gotten a bit of buzz on Matrix Synth Lounge etc., because Ensoniq is so, um, dead. So it's a pure technology project, somehow. Very nice work, looking forward to more stuff and to helping you make more stuff. Best!
Thank you for using my DX-7 layout. I don't know if you saw it, but a while ago I uploaded version 1.3. I wanted to improve the workflow and I added a keyboard of a few octaves so TX7 users can also use it.
Nice! I wonder if this design work with the Korg wavestation, they are kind of similar machines.