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PAGES: Eventide Pitchfactor and Eventide Modfactor - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: SilverPAGES: Eventide Pitchfactor and Eventide Modfactor

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Rating: Silver
asked Feb 24, 2015 in Community Shares by adamixoye (500 points)
edited Oct 20, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
Wow! You're churning these out fast, congrats!
I went on a bit of a tear but I'm mostly done now.  I shared the all the pedal-specific ones that I've done for my setup.  I have a few "meta" pages that have copies of the most important controls for multiple pedals on one page, pages for song combinations, etc.

There's probably still some tweaking to do, but the tweaking is a lot of fun!
It's awesome that you've decided to share pages instead of layouts. Are you using layout-wide presets, presets for groups, or neither?
I'm not totally sure what you mean---I guess I'm not really using the MIDI Designer "presets" in that sense.  The "preset wheels" shown here are for the presets stored in the pedals.  And I have one other page, for example, that has copies of all these preset wheels for the individual pedals, for when I need just the basics for all pedals rather than detailed control over each.  I also have a supercontrol button that turns off all effects, and other supercontrols that activate the combinations I need for a particular song.  Stuff like that.
That's "neither" ;) All good, just trying to figure out what we're using and not using as users. If you don't know about Presets for Groups, you might want to check it out.
I kind of thought so, but I wasn't sure!  I check it out.