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Presets for Groups Not Saving with Mailed and Saved Layouts - MIDI Designer Q&A

Presets for Groups Not Saving with Mailed and Saved Layouts

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asked Apr 2, 2014 in Defect (Fixed) by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
recategorized Jan 2, 2015 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
I've tested this extensively and my findings are that regardless of whether a layout has a global preset or not, an emailed layout that is appended to an existing layout loses its presets; if it replaces the existing layout, the presets are intact. Since presets aren't being saved with individual pages, it appears that there is currently no way of distributing a single page containing presets for purpose of adding it to an existing layout.
To test whether presets were actually being saved with pages, I saved a page and then closed it using the Page Arranger. Then I loaded the saved page and the presets had been lost. I repeated this several times with different pages, each time with the same result.
Agreed. So append and individual pages still don't work. I'll attempt to get a fix into alpha testing within a few days. Thanks!
That was quick! Thanks Dan.
Hi Terry, the diagnostic work you are doing is INSANELY helpful to figure out where the problem lies. The dev team just rolled out Alpha 02 which fixes the problem ONLY for appending. This is still a big enough step forward to allow you to do all of your work. It's annoying, but works!

This problem will be fixed for individual pages in 1.6.6 and... That's all topics, I believe.

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2016-09-01, MDP2 (v. 2.3)
This bug has been fixed in MD 1.6.3. If you are still having issues, it might be due to a bug: Presets for Groups are not saved properly if subcontrols are set to "Reset to Defaults -> Exclude"... shut this toggle off (NOT blue).

We've reconfirmed this bug in 1.6.2+, but now there's an easy workaround.


The presets used in Preset Groups and Channel Changers save normally. However, when a .mididesigner file is mailed or saved and loaded (not automatically), the presets are missing.


Ensure that you have at least one global preset in your layout (on iPad, use "Save" from the "More" menu).

answered Apr 2, 2014 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
edited Sep 1, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
With Midi Designer Pro 2 (23003) I am meeting the same problem of loosing all presets in Preset Groups when a layout is saved and loaded (not automatically); the "global preset workaround" doesn't solve the problem. Could you help me please?
And the same thing happens when, on my ipad, I close Midi Designer and open it again without loading a layout..... :-(
Hi there (bonjour/salve): I'll try to replicate this issue this week. once I can successfully replicate, we will issue a fix first week of Sept. Thanks!
Thank you very much.
Ciao :-)
Ciao Giovanni. Purtroppo, non riesco a "replicare" l'errore. Ti dispiacerebbe mandarmi il layout (puoi anche togliere le pagine che non sono relevanti, se vuoi)? Puoi usare dan [at]

Thanks muchly, hope we can get this topic sorted soon,
Dan (Dan Rosenstark, Lead Developer)
Many thanks, Dan. I have sent to you the layout by email.
@Giovanni, we've confirmed this problem in the layout you sent. We'll circle back as soon as we can figure out what's going on.
Thanks @Giovanni, for now we've updated this answer with a workaround. This bug will only show up in this obscure setting. Thanks!
Many thanks, Dan.