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LAYOUT: Anushri Synth's Drum Machine - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: GoldLAYOUT: Anushri Synth's Drum Machine

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Rating: Gold
asked Jun 5, 2013 in Community Shares by austingreen (580 points)
edited Oct 7, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team (Dan)
This is fantastic... thank you for sharing!
Ok big update on this layout!
*A clear button for each drum part, clears the corresponding drum part visually too. This is a big one for me!
*BD/SN/HH Radio buttons always has the last one lit so you know what drum you used last, making it easy not to put steps in the wrong row. (With New Feature Second Press)
*Added an XY Page with pads for pitch and decay for each drum part.
*XY Page also has duplicated some controls from the Drum "page" of the Anushri Synth to control tone and the generative Drum Pattern Map.
*Added a Synth Page to play the synth when not connected to keys.  Its a beehive looking thing with Modulation Wheel and Pitch Bend.
*Duplicated the controls for the 2nd LFO (available via Mod Wheel,) Its better to see the state of things with buttons than knobs and sometimes easier than switching "pages" on the synth.
So glad you're already working with button-second-press-action! And that control copies are providing to be useful. Glad to see this advance!
I redid the screenshots and awarded this a Gold Medal. Congrats and THANK YOU!