MIDI Designer Pro 2 & MIDI Designer Player

Just in time for NAMM 2016, Confusion Studios LLC is proud to announce two new apps: MIDI Designer Pro 2 and MIDI Designer Player.

MIDI Designer Pro 2.0

MIDI Designer Pro 2 is a fully customizable performance-oriented MIDI controller platform for iPad (optimized for iPad Pro), iPhone and iPod.

MIDI Designer Pro took the music-making world by storm, and Pro 2 is set to do it all over again.

MIDI Designer Pro 2.0, Features

  • Complete redesign of MIDI Designer Pro — all controls have been reimagined for greater clarity and a more pleasing look
  • New Control Type: Picker for longer lists, e.g., for program changes
  • New Control Type: Meter. Will work with track-volume output on most major DAWs (including Ableton, with no scripting) on Windows and Mac
  • New Control Type: Image Panel. Includes Image Manager functionality and powerful display controls
  • MIDI Designer Community In-App Browser and Upload
  • Preset Packs for sharing of global presets
  • iCloud Support
  • Full backwards compatibility with all existing layouts
  • Several more fixes, enhancements and features

MIDI Designer Pro 2.0, Pricing, Availability

  • Bundle-Priced for Upgrade from MIDI Designer Pro
  • Available for purchase as a Universal App on the App Store in Q1-2016

MIDI Designer Pro 2 is currently available for beta testing: Users who want early access should shoot us an email at mdp2beta [at] midiDesigner [dot] com.

MIDI Designer Player

First-class, ultra-low-latency MIDI controller player. Comes with several general-purpose MIDI controller layouts. Users can access Community and Professional MIDI Designer Pro layouts via in-app purchase.

Available for download from the App Store in Q1 of 2016.

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