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Text label with list of values - MIDI Designer Q&A

Text label with list of values

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asked Dec 27, 2017 in Suggestions by fretnomore (360 points)
I was thinking that a label is a subcontrol of one or several controls, and it shows the last dialed-in value of a supercontrol. Is that about the same?
I guess so; as an example, in my case I have a program change control with values 0..23. My thought was to give the label object 24 named ticks, 0..23 and as a subcontrol to the program change control it could then display the texts of its named ticks.
Hmmm... in my version, it has no values of its own. It just shows what the supercontrol shows. What would you be missing with that implementation?
For the reverb pedal layout I’m working on now the super control would display its own named ticks, i.e. Room, Hall, Reverse etc for different reverb types. With each reverb model there are six effect parameters that change depending on reverb type. For example, for reverb type Lo-Fi parameter 1 is Distortion Level but for reverb type ModVerb it is Tremolo Depth. It would be nice if the six parameter controls (or rather separate labels next to them) changed text when the super control changed value. Both the super and the labels would need their own named ticks though.
I could imagine using this for small notes or help texts too.
I guess your idea works, with an extra layer; my super control could control a hidden control that has named ticks, that in turn shows its values in a label sub object, that way the label would not need local texts.
Funny I was thinking just that. Planning to implement in Q1 2018. Thanks!
Super! I’ll use that as soon as it’s available!