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Can bit changer controls and presets be combined? - MIDI Designer Q&A

Can bit changer controls and presets be combined?

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asked Dec 22, 2017 in Defect (Is this broken?) by winter (120 points)
Sure sounds like a bug. To clarify, you’re not expecting the sysex knob to send out, just to respect the bit-changing controls, which it’s not doing unless you push them manually, is that right?
Thanks for getting back to me.

The behaviour I am hoping to achieve is that, when I press Recall, each of the bit change buttons is set, the sysex knob moves to the corresponding new value, and the sysex knob sends the new sysex string to the synth.  At present, the first and third part works, but the sysex does not update.  It was not clear to me whether the sysex knob should be a subcontrol of the Preset knob.  I tried with and without to no avail.
One workaround to try: you can set up a momentary supercontrol button for the knob that is "send current value" under supercontrol options. Make it a sub of the preset group. If this doesn't work then we'll need to issue a fix. Thanks!
I tried this suggestion, but in the process realized that the problem is not as I described.  I discovered that I had MIDI loopback enabled and the sysex control would update its value base on the returning MIDI.  With the loopback disabled, the bit changer buttons work as expected, sending the correct MIDI, but the sysex knob now never changes value.  The preset recall sends multiple sysex messages, but the values are not correct.