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LAYOUT: Roland JD-990 (V1.7.0 - 01/2015) - MIDI Designer Q&A

Rating: PlatinumLAYOUT: Roland JD-990 (V1.7.0 - 01/2015)

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asked Dec 12, 2012 in Community Shares by popup (3,470 points)
edited May 25, 2016 by MIDI Designer Team
Fixed :)  Sorry about that!
This looks amazing!
Can't wait to try it, thank you for your hard work this must have taken a very long time to do!
Will this also work with my jd800 ?
The jd900 seams to have more options as my jd800 eg tone structure
Would i be able to control those even on my jd800 with the editor ?
Does the editor follow edits you do on the hardware ?
Is it possible to manage presets with the editor ?
Hi Ansolas,

I don't think the JD-800 will be compatible with JD-990 Sysex, but don't know that for sure. As for your other questions, they have already been answered below - also check out the video that shows that presets can be stored in Midi Designer. In short: yes, you can store presets, and no, edits or presets in the synth can't be synced to the editor on the iPad if I understand Popup's answer correctly.

Bloody hell, Popup. That expansion list is crazy. :)

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JD-990 layout is in the question, and it's awesome.

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answered Jan 29, 2013 by MIDI Designer Team
edited Mar 5, 2013 by MIDI Designer Team
It really is awesome. I use it with JD-990 and Vintage synth and it's really fun.

I have a question though, should the layout be able to read the current patch settings. Say I select a new patch and want to tweak it, or even tweak something via the front panel, can that cause the layout to update to reflect it? Not sure if it's supported and I've just not set something up properly or it's not supported. For controlling many devices it's probably not even that useful a feature but there are many good existing 990 patches as starting points, often I want to load and then tweak them. And when I select a new patch from the front of the JD it would be really handy to have a way to get Midi designer to reflect the patch as a starting point. Can this work? If so do I need to configure something somewhere?
Many thanks and great work!
Hi Louis,  thanks for the kind words :)

I am afraid that the features you mention are not currently possible with Midi Designer.  You kind of have to start from a blank canvas so that both units are 'synced' although You can always store your created patches as presets on MD and then recall them.  The saving of presets was (and still maybe) a planned feature that would be an interesting addition as people could post 'preset packs' of patches online.

  There was a very interesting thread started on this Holy Grail feature here:-
Thanks for reminding me about exporting presets, popup. It'll be happening sooner than other things... "Preset Packs" is a great name, too.
Hi, I really want this layout to work, but when I'm using it nothing happens. I guess I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what the problem is.

My setup is this:

- iPad connected to mac with USB with the app
- Ableton sending all midi outputs via my soundcards midi out to the midi in on Roland JD-900
Whenever I move a knob/fader etc on the layout no midi in is registered in Ableton. But when using my own layouts it does register midi  coming in. I'm not sure wether Ableton register sysex as midi in or not. My understanding is this layout is sending sysex to the JD-990.

Hope that someone knows what my setup problem is. I would really like to use this layout.

Kind regards,
I don't think Ableton will faithfully send the sysex onwards to the JD-990. 1) you need a MIDI monitor, like Snoize MIDI monitor, to figure out what's going on 2) musicIO will route the MIDI directly to the MIDI out for the JD-990. Check the "MIDI To" tab. Thanks!
Thanks! Sending MIDI from the app to my soundcards midi worked :)
Awesome! If you ever feel like leaving an awesome review in the App Store for MIDI Designer Pro and/or for musicIO, please do! Most importantly... enjoy!

Dan (Author, MIDI Designer)